Israel Kapap Federation / International Kapap Federation)

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카팝의 첫 국내 도입과정


카팝(KAPAP)은 백병전이라는 뜻으로 국내에 최초로 크라브마가를 도입한 양준영회장(現 사단법인 대한카팝크라브마가협회)이 2014년 11월에 Avi nardia가 진행한 미국의 훈련캠프에서 교육을 받고 국내에 처음 도입되었습니다.

About Kapap.


The IKF is an worldwide group.

The leading instructors and the headquarters is located in Israel.

The IKF work in Israel on four different topics :

  1. Leading projects of special aducation, self defense and wrestling teams in schools and high schools.
  2. Leading teams and training groups under the Israel-Sanshou academy and

TLV university Multifight dojo.

3.leading seminars in Israel and around the world of CQB, self-defense, and security .

  1. Leading a training programs at special units at the IDF .

IKF - President : Chaim Peer.


Chaim Peer is the President of IKF and Multifight He is the reserve Lieutenant Colonel of the Israeli Special Forces most prestigious military unit called " Matkal". He was the instructor of Paratroopers and for Guerilla warfare. He was the Special Forces combat instructor. He is also a graduate of Ranger courses in the United States.

-Graduate of a course in vital point and pressure point to special units

-Student of Emi Lichtenfeld the Krav-Maga founder

-Jiu-Jitsu, 8th dan Soke

-Graduate Krav-Maga instructor

-Student of Aki Yamazaki Sensei graduate 5th Dan

-Student of Anton Gissing Sensei - Holland Judo graduate 4th Dan

-Student of Patrick McCarty Sensei graduate 3rd Dan. graduate coach in England, Belgium, Rumania and Israel

-Trainer Military Survival techniques

-Diving Instructor

-Rappelling instructor

-Instructor Face-to Face ( Kapap) battle, cold weapons and fire arms

-Hand to Hand Commando combat instructor

-Gliding course

-Trained Paramedic


IKF - lead instructor : Amit Himelstein.


Amit Himelstein is the leading instructor under Lt Colonel Chaim Peer.

He has been part of the martial arts world since the age of 8, starting his journey in Karate, and progressing from there into full contact martial arts. From the age of 13 Amit represented the Israeli National Team in competitions in Israel and around the world.

At the age of 18 Amit joined the IDF Special Forces.

At that time in Israel the Al-aqsa Intifada (second Intifada ) had started.


His unit was kept busy and he progressed through the ranks to Sergeant in the combat team and also worked as a Krav Maga instructor with the training teams in the unit. It was a tough and intense period in his life but Amit couldn’t find a better “training” ground for CQC than real military experience.

After completing his military service Amit moved to China. He spent 3 years of training in traditional Kung Fu, Sanshou and Shuai Jiao.


Upon his return to Israel, Amit opened the “Israel Sanshou Academy”, a martial arts academy for Sanshou, shuai jiao and tactical training. Sanshou is a fighting system that is used in the training program of the Chinese police and as the main combat sport in China.

Amit currently has 10 Dojo’s in Israel and teaches Sanshou at the main dojo of TLV University. Across the 10 Dojo’s Amit and his instructors teach Krav Maga, Kapap, Sanshou, Grappling, Wrestling, MMA and CQC. A total of 870 students attend his classes a week.


Amit also has a contract with 8 schools across Israel where he teaches children of all abilities including those with special needs.

In 2010 Amit was asked by Lt Col Chaim Peer to help with seminars and add his experience in martial arts to teach Military CQC techniques to the International Kapap Federation (IKF). He also leads the training around the world to Special Forces Units, Police Forces and anti-bullying campaigns in schools and universities. Amit currently runs combat training for active Israeli Special Forces along with some of his instructors.

* Special forces soldier and IDF Krav Maga instructor.

*Awarded a "certificate of honour"

for his role as a sargent in special operations during

"Al-Aqza" Intfada (received in September 2002).

* Awarded a "certificate of Honour"

for the development and deployment of tactical

and Combat methods as a lead instructor

of elite unit of the IDF (received in June 2015).

*Awarded a "certificate of Appropriations"

for training and building tactical knowledge

programs for instructors and fighters at elite

unit of the IDF (received in July 2016).

*Sanshou and traditional wrestling champion.

*Coach of the Israel Sanshou and Shuaijiao team.

*IKF Multifight lead instructor.